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CMC powder is widely used in the ice cream industry, to make ice creams without churning or extreme low temperatures, thereby eliminating the need for the conventional churners or salt ice mixes. CMC is used in preparing bakery products such as bread and cake.



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Buy 4-CMC Crystals Powder Online , 4-CMC Crystals Powde (CMC) is an anionic, water-soluble cellulose derivative. Solubility of CMC depends on the DP as well as the degree of substitution.

Also and the uniformity of the substitution distribution. Water solubility of CMC would increase with decreased DP and increased carboxymethyl substitution and substitution uniformity. The viscosity of the solution increases with increasing DP and increasing concentration.

CMC is soluble in water at any temperature. Because of its highly hygroscopic nature, CMC hydrates rapidly. Rapid hydration may cause agglomeration and lump formation when the CMC powder is introduce into water.

Lump creation can be eliminate by applying high agitation. While the powder is add into the water or blending  The CMC powder with other dry ingredients such as sugar before adding into water.

Due to its high solubility and clarity of its solutions, CMC is commonly use in beverages and beverage dry mixes to provide rich mouthfeel. It is also use in acidify protein drinks to stabilize protein and prevent it from precipitating.

CMC is also add to syrup and sauce formulations to increase viscosity. Bakery is another application where CMC is commonly use to improve the quality and the consistency of the end product. In tortilla breads, for example, it is use to improve the process ability of the dough and the textural properties of the end product, including foldability and rollability.

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